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At Stationery Express we know from experience that the student loan never goes quite as far as it should, does it?

But a bit of savvy shopping on student stationery essentials means all the more cash to spend on nights out!!!!

That’s why we offer a 10% student discount.

Heading for college? You’ll soon find that work becomes a little more intense beyond school, so you will need the right stationery supplies to meet the challenge.

You’ll need the basic supplies, such as lined paper, folders, pens, and pencils to begin with.

Getting new student supplies before you leave home and head for your new residence on a college or university campus can save you time and money.

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Back-to-School and College Offers

Each University will distribute a syllabus during the first week, or you could get ahead of the game and check online for a document that will tell you if there are specific tools you need for the courses you are about to study – things like protractors, calculators, poster boards, and art supplies.

Student Stationery Supplies

Stationery Express Student DiscountStudent Planner/Academic Diary: Every lecturer will supply students with a syllabus that lists assignment due dates and test dates.

You’ll want to record these dates right away! Beyond the first day, the planner will become your new best friend when it comes to staying on top of your studies.

Memory Stick: These little devices are sometimes called flash drives, but the name is not important.

You’ll need a portable storage device for backing up copies of your work, especially if you use the library computers.

It will probably only take until the end of the first week before you’re fed up at the lack of free computers in the university library, so your pen drive becomes invaluable as you go from one computer to the next.

Other Suggested Stationery Products

Calculator: If you sign up for a maths or science class, expect to invest in the right calculator for the job.

Index Cards: You’ll go through hundreds of lined cards in college. Nothing can compete when it comes to memorising terms and definitions. Flashcards are essential for studying for tests.

Glue, Scissors, and Tape: You may not need these items very often, but when you need them, you really need them!

White/ Bulletin Board and Magnets/ Pins: Organise your life and keep family photos close at hand with a White /Bulletin board.

Printer paper: Keep a stock of paper on hand for printing out assignments. Don’t be late handing in a paper because you couldn’t print it out!


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