243a Morningside Rd
Edinburgh, EH10 4QU

About Us


stationery express

Stationery Express is a traditional stationer based in the Morningside area of Edinburgh.

Established in 1993 by Brian and Gill Burgess, our business promise is to provide our customers with high quality stationery at affordable prices. We love to provide helpful advice and offer a personal service to ensure your stationery needs are met.

We supply a huge range of products within the shop from paperclips to pens and pencils, and from boxfiles to large storage boxes.

If you can’t find what you’re after in store, we have a catalogue with over 23,000 products with most available for collection in store the next day.

The major product categories we supply include general office supplies, paper and computer consumables available in the shop.

Cleaning, catering, janitorial, health and safety, PPE, premises management, office furniture and a variety of technology and machines available to order (usually next day, however furniture can be 3 days).

Stationery Express Mission Statement

We aim to operate a successful family business based on providing customer service beyond expectation, together with job satisfaction for all employees.

Stationery Express Corporate Responsibility Statement


As a Company we aim to ensure that no products sold are known to cause unacceptable damage to the environment. We aim to ensure that:

– all product and packaging specifications will keep waste to a minimum.

packaging materials are recycled where possible

– we work with suppliers to improve conservation of energy and natural resources, recycling of waste material and utilisation of non-polluting technology.


– Customers: We treat all our customers with respect and aim to deliver solutions to meet customers’ needs.

-Suppliers: We will strive for a positive environmental, social, ethical and economic impact in our supply chain. We are committed to treating suppliers with fairness and respect and to work with them in innovative ways which create added value for our customers.

-We will not source products from any supplier who operates under an oppressive regime or where the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are not adhered to.

-Employees: We treat all employees with respect and aim to create a culture where equal opportunities and treatment are a priority.

Stationery Express Memberships

  • Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)
  • Office Friendly Dealer Association (OFDA)
  • British Office Supplies and Services Federation (BOSSF)

Stationery Express… for all your stationery needs